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Arkcez animations ?

2013-03-09 16:45:56 by Arkcez

Ok, i made a thread like this and deleted it, because of my bad english. Anyways i'll explain this, quick and simple: im from Peru, a flash rookie (ok, not so much lol) i present myself in this site as someone who wants to get attention to his works (animations). Now that i've realized sprites animations are not so appreciated on Newgrounds, i'll leave sprites for a while to focus on drawing, i hope i get better with time and to no take too long to upload something here.


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2015-08-18 13:44:48

You shouldn't give up so easily. Not after you won awards of your movies.

Using sprites is your stuff. Please make more movies.

(Updated ) Arkcez responds:

My animation, be it in any way, sprites or animation simple, I have work still to finish, I would really get a trophy before I became ,older (I'm still very young) , rest assured that I will try to finish what I can, these years ,I have done my utmost with my PC of just 1Ghz and 1GB of RAM, I hope I understand, but in my youtube channel, I have a little more content as you can see. Thank You.

PD: English is not my native language, I hope I understand.


2015-08-18 14:45:35

Thanks for the fast answer.

English is not my first language either. I speak French.

Don't worry. I can understand your English.

I also noted your last movie is under jugment since October 2014? That's crazy!


2015-08-23 03:26:23

Your sprite animations were great. If I were you, I wouldn't listen to those talentless tards and I would do whatever I damn well pleased.

Still, its your life - you do what you want and have fun doing it. I look forward to seeing what you can do. Good luck with your struggles!